Monthly Archives: March 2013


The beauty of trees is something that always fascinates me. I just love trees, this morning was quite a grey day. I was on one of my walks and came across this beautiful tree, it was as if someone had put a light on the tree, just amazing. I don’t know whether it is a fungus but it looks beautiful.  What do you think?
When I look at trees they have special meaning to me, they represent strength and give me a down to earth feeling, whether it is stormy, raining or sunny. Season after season they show their beauty, they provide resting and nesting places for animals, they are strong and their branches are always reaching up to the sky. They can have flowers or beautiful coloured leaves, they can be a shelter place for animals big and small, even people use it to find shelter sometimes and children can have endless fun climbing then or playing in tree houses and can be  for some people a way of living. There are so many great things about trees that we sometimes forget to see or to notice. They can be old or young, straight or twisted, tall or short, thick or thin and they can be rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. To me they represent life that nature provides us for free that we can enjoy and admire. Ask yourself what does a tree mean to you, what symbol does it portray? Look up and see the sky through the branches, find the light and let it shine on you no matter what the weather, there is alway light somewhere if we take time to look.