Living in the here and now


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We all seem to be so busy with all sorts of things and sometimes we forget what we have got.
I heard a story about someone who lost everything and was desperate, he didn’t know what to do!
His day’s were dark and gloomy and dull there was a lot of self pity and only words like”if only”
“I can’t do anything”, “it always the same”, “nothing ever works for me” “what if “? and so on.
Suddenly  he saw a pencil with an eraser on it lying on the floor.
That was strange, he never seen that lying there before, where did the pencil come from , why did it show up? The first thought was, what good is a pencil anyway?
A little voice inside him said “use me, write, draw”. I can’t draw, I can’t write, but what if I could do that? So he asked himself “what can I do with this pencil?”
“I could write down what I want or I could draw what I love to see
I spend most of my time dreaming anyway so why not dream and write about what I love to do, who I love to be, where I love to live?
Suddenly  he got exited. He said to himself  “I can create any picture I want, I can have fun drawing and writing, and if I don’t like it I can erase it, I have a choice.
From that day on things started to change, opportunities started to arise, he became more aware of what he could do with the tools he had at the time.
His mind started to look for what he could do, where he could go and how he could make things happen.
When he looked back after a year he was excited and busy doing all sorts of new and exiting things. He realized it was all within him as long as he was open to it and appreciated what he was able to do with the tools he got at the time. He was so grateful and life was good, full of opportunities, new things to explore. All he did was asking himself “what can I do now?” How can I make it happen?” “What do I need to do to….?”

When we open our mind to what we want instead of what we don’t want we open the window and let fresh air in.
Start looking at what you have got and you never know change can just happen. Inspiration is every where if you want to see it, hear it and feel it!
Remember you always have a choice!

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