Monthly Archives: November 2014

Autumn time

beautifullsky2014-11-02 11.07.39

This morning I went for a lovely walk, normally when I am on my own I wear headphones but this time I didn’t. I was just enjoying the trees with their beautiful leaves, the colours of autumn, the branches that seem to be like ‘stag horns’ reaching for the sky, with the wind through my hair and on my face, I felt so blessed. The sun was playing games with the clouds, sometimes very bright and sometimes hiding. Then at one point the sun was shining on my face and suddenly I felt rain drops coming down, how amazing is that, I was walking through a rainbow! As I felt the rain drops I also felt the colours flowing through me, amazing. When you just take some time out to enjoy what is all around you without any other media then just your eyes, ears and feeling and your own thoughts as you walk, you realize that beauty is everywhere.