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Autumn time

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This morning I went for a lovely walk, normally when I am on my own I wear headphones but this time I didn’t. I was just enjoying the trees with their beautiful leaves, the colours of autumn, the branches that seem to be like ‘stag horns’ reaching for the sky, with the wind through my hair and on my face, I felt so blessed. The sun was playing games with the clouds, sometimes very bright and sometimes hiding. Then at one point the sun was shining on my face and suddenly I felt rain drops coming down, how amazing is that, I was walking through a rainbow! As I felt the rain drops I also felt the colours flowing through me, amazing. When you just take some time out to enjoy what is all around you without any other media then just your eyes, ears and feeling and your own thoughts as you walk, you realize that beauty is everywhere.

Living in the here and now


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We all seem to be so busy with all sorts of things and sometimes we forget what we have got.
I heard a story about someone who lost everything and was desperate, he didn’t know what to do!
His day’s were dark and gloomy and dull there was a lot of self pity and only words like”if only”
“I can’t do anything”, “it always the same”, “nothing ever works for me” “what if “? and so on.
Suddenly  he saw a pencil with an eraser on it lying on the floor.
That was strange, he never seen that lying there before, where did the pencil come from , why did it show up? The first thought was, what good is a pencil anyway?
A little voice inside him said “use me, write, draw”. I can’t draw, I can’t write, but what if I could do that? So he asked himself “what can I do with this pencil?”
“I could write down what I want or I could draw what I love to see
I spend most of my time dreaming anyway so why not dream and write about what I love to do, who I love to be, where I love to live?
Suddenly  he got exited. He said to himself  “I can create any picture I want, I can have fun drawing and writing, and if I don’t like it I can erase it, I have a choice.
From that day on things started to change, opportunities started to arise, he became more aware of what he could do with the tools he had at the time.
His mind started to look for what he could do, where he could go and how he could make things happen.
When he looked back after a year he was excited and busy doing all sorts of new and exiting things. He realized it was all within him as long as he was open to it and appreciated what he was able to do with the tools he got at the time. He was so grateful and life was good, full of opportunities, new things to explore. All he did was asking himself “what can I do now?” How can I make it happen?” “What do I need to do to….?”

When we open our mind to what we want instead of what we don’t want we open the window and let fresh air in.
Start looking at what you have got and you never know change can just happen. Inspiration is every where if you want to see it, hear it and feel it!
Remember you always have a choice!

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There is always support out there

A very dear lady who I regard very close to my heart told me her story about her struggle how to cope with her having a stroke. She told me about a song written by Ramses Shaffy (29/08/1933 – 01/12/2009 Dutch singer) that inspired her to carry on. The song: “Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire” they are beautiful words. Music and words are such inspiring tools to help you move forward in your life. When we open ourselves  to stop and listen there is always support out there. I thank you for sharing this amazing experience.

Let the music play inside you to enlighten you and inspire you.

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Be playful and enjoy……….

Smile without a reason why, love as if you were a child. These beautiful words come from the theme song “La Bella Evita”. Life is  beautiful,

                                                                                                                                   see it, feel it, smell it, touch it, live it!

2014-09-29 09.55.53A great quote from Mother Teresa

Love is a fruit in season at all time,

and within the reach of every hand.

Anyone may gather it and no limit is set.

Everyone can reach this love through meditation,eautiful

spirit of prayer, and sacrifice,

by an intense inner life.



There is always help out there for any thing you want, but sometimes when we get caught up in things we don’t see, hear or feel  it.

This poster is to make everybody aware that there is support out there, so if you know of anybody who is bullied then make sure you tell them there is support out there, there are many organizations like the one on the poster “”  and me of course, sometimes we need to be pointed into the right direction.

I belief there is a hero inside everybody, finding your own one can make all the difference in your life!!


Has any of you ever done laughing yoga?

I did this a couple of weeks ago and it was great, at the end we were given this poem that I like to share with you,

Enjoy it, have a smile!!!!


Smiling is infectious

 You catch it like the flu

 When someone smiled at me today

 I started smiling too

 I walked around the corner

 And someone saw me grin

 When he smiled, I realised

 I had passed it on to him

 I thought about the smile

 And then realised its worth

 A single smile like mine

 Could travel round the earth

 So if you feel a smile begin

 Don’t leave it undetected

 Let’s start an epidemic

 And get the world infected

 Author Unknown

There is a hero inside everybody!

I came across this article in the local paper and I love it, it shows there is a hero inside everybody.


Charlotte named ‘Surf Hero of the Year’ in UK Surf Awards

Posted on October 31, 2013


Surf hero of the Year 2013: Charlotte Banfield

A 15-year old girl who overcame heart surgery and went on to the semi-finals of a surf competition is set to be named “Surf Hero of the Year” at a national awards ceremony on Sunday.

Charlotte Banfield, from Penryn in Cornwall, scooped the award which was sponsored by The Wave Project and UK Pro Surf.

Charlotte, who also has a diagnosis of autism, underwent surgery last November to treat her weak heart. Earlier this year she had to go to Bristol Hospital for further cardiac treatment.

However, the determined teenager recovered her fitness and went on to reach the semi-final of a national surf competition in July.

She underwent further surgery on her legs in September, but once again bounced back, and was back in the water surfing earlier this month.

Wave Project chief executive Joe Taylor, who was on the selection panel, said: “Charlotte is a real inspiration to other young people who have to overcome difficulties and setbacks to achieve things they want to do.

“It was a very strong field of nominees for this award, but the panel felt her courage and determination make her a deserved winner of the title Surf Hero of the Year”.

Helen and Joel Blackman, from Croyde, Devon, have jointly won the Surf Volunteer of the Year award for their work with young people.

The couple have been active in numerous community surf projects in their local area, giving up most of their spare time to volunteer with surf projects, including Croyde Surf Life Lifesaving Club , Christian Surfers UK and the Wave Project in Devon.

The Inclusive Surf School of the Year award went to Spectrum Swansea. The South Wales-based club are entirely voluntary run, but have helped over 100 children on the autistic spectrum and their families to learn to surf.

Chair Anna Parton said: “We are absolutely chuffed to win this award. It recognises all the hard work that has been put in by local families to deliver inclusive surf sessions in Swansea.”

The final award in the Surf Hero category was Surf Instructor of the Year, which was awarded to Harry Bennett of Bigbury Surf School in Devon, for all his work with disadvantaged young people.

Dave Reed, from the UK Pro Surf Association, said: “We are delighted to support these awards, which recognise all the achievements of people across the country in making surfing an inclusive sport for all.


Well done! 🙂