The brain and the mind

The Brain and the Mind.
What is the difference between the mind and the brain.
The brain is an organ but the mind is not, the brain is the physical place where the mind resides, it’s a vessel in which the electronic impulses that create thoughts are contained.
With the brain you coordinate your moves, your organism, your activities, your patterns, and transmit impulses.
You learn patterns like walking, taking, etc; they are all stored within the brain.
Some patterns that are stored in the brain we are born with, like breathing, we don’t need to learn this we just do it, and then there are patterns we have to learn by application and repetition, such as how to play a musical instrument, ride a bike etc.
Patterns that are learned produce our ‘behaviours’, these give us our personality and our instinctive reactions.

The mind is a thinking tool, a manifestation of thought, perception, emotion, determination, memory and imagination, which take place within the brain.
All memories are stored into our filling cabinet, the subconscious mind, they are from past programmings, beliefs, values that we perceived throughout our life.
When patterns, behaviours are activated by triggers through our internal or external environment, through our senses seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling, thoughts are being produced and give us an emotional reaction towards our behaviours.
When a situation/behaviour is labelled ‘good, positive, right, or acceptable there is an allowance towards the behaviour it creates, but when a situation/behaviour is labelled  ‘bad, negative, wrong, or not acceptable,’ there is often a resistance towards that behaviour.
Resistance causes stress into our lives, the mind starts to think a lot because it needs to make sense of a situation and want it to be right before it moves on.
When we experience a lot of stress in our life, we are often locked in the thinking mind, and not in the present moment.
When you start to understand the thinking process of your mind you begin to see that you have a choice.
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